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I am a licensed social worker and clinical counselor (LISW and LPCC certifications), and I want to make the life of people, couples, and families better.

With more than 30 years in the industry, I have used cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, reality therapy, and many more modalities to help people lead a better life. Remember, the first step is to acknowledge that you need help.

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At Specialty Care Counseling, Everyone Is Welcome and Everyone Can Be Helped!

From pre-teens to the elderly, we are prepared to help anyone and everyone achieve a better life. We serve in the Trumbull and Mahoning counties in Ohio, and are fully licensed with the necessary certifications to utilize proven methods of providing psychiatric assistance.

The Story of a Better Couple

“We were high school sweethearts and got married straight out of college, so our fights did not come from a place of understanding. We went to Keith’s specialty care counseling sessions and it really helped us come to a better understanding for each other. Now, I can say that it has been a while and we are still living happily ever after!”

Leona & Alvin

Leona & Alvin

The Story of a Better Family

“Having kids was a turning point, and we both were quite miserable in not knowing what to do. A few counseling and some therapy sessions later, our friends constantly call us asking how we have eventually come to raise such wonderful kids. We both are really grateful for Keith and his sessions for helping us through all that.”

Casey & Christina

Casey & Christina

The Story of a Better Life

“I have always personally struggled, which was especially difficult since everyone would look up to me for help and support. I was essentially their personal therapist, so I was at a loss as to who I should go to for seeking help. Luckily, Keith was there, and from the moment I called that Specialty Care Counseling number, my life has been changed ever since, and for the better, too.”



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